Monitoring Rangeland Health

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Monitoring Rangeland Health - A Guide for Pastoralist Communities and Other Land Managers in Eastern Africa - Version II.

By Corinna Riginos and Jeffrey Herrick

This guide provides simple methods for monitoring land health -- including a ten-step process for designing and implementing a monitoring program, as well as instructions and datasheets for collecting monitoring data. The data collection methods require very little equipment or training and are quick and easy to use. This guide was written for a wide audience of land managers, including pastoralist communities, government and NGO workers, and ranch, conservancy and park managers.

To request a hard copy of the manual, please contact Corinna Riginos. (link to my e-mail address:

To download a low resolution (3 MB) version of the guide, click here.

To download a high resolution (16 MB) version of the guide, click here.

To download Kiswahili translations of the datasheets and Quick Guide to Data Collection, click here.

Boma Monitoring Guide and Datasheets

Guide to Monitoring Boma Sites - Version III.

By Lauren Porensky, Corinna Riginos, Jennifer Balachowski, and Jayne Belnap

We have also put together simple data sheets and a guide for monitoring boma sites. Many managers are interested in using bomas as a management tool, but there are still many questions about how best to use bomas to improve the land. These data sheets and guide are intended to help managers start to answer some of those questions.

To download the boma guide, click here.

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