Research Application Procedures

Mpala researchers checking camera traps. Photo by Margaret Kinnaird.

The Mpala Research Centre welcomes applications by scientists and graduate students proposing new research projects. Research can be conducted at Mpala by any applicant with an explicitly proposed, funded, and approved project.

Project Selection Policy

The Mpala Research Centre was created as a facility for research and training in the environmental sciences, biodiversity conservation, and natural resources management. Proposals promising scientific excellence on any subject are welcomed, but those that focus on understanding and preserving the integrity of the Ewaso ecosystem, maintaining the productivity of its natural resources, and serving the interests of the people who share the landscape are especially encouraged.

Application Procedure

Individuals wishing to conduct research at Mpala must apply formally by completing the Mpala Proposal Application Form (as MS Word doc) (as PDF) and submitting by email to:

Proposals are reviewed year round by the Science Advisory Committee, a panel comprised of a representative from each of the four Trustee institutions of the Mpala Research Trust (National Museums of Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Service, Princeton University, the Smithsonian Institution) and the Director of the Mpala Research Centre. We occasionally request comments from external reviewers. Applicants should submit their proposal at least 8 months before attended arrival.

Individuals wishing to conduct field research in Kenya must apply for a permit from the Kenya Government well in advance. We recommend that all applications be submitted as soon as approval from Mpala’s Science Advisory Board is secured. Specifics on the Application for Research Clearance may be found here.

Male bushbuck
A male bushbuck. Photo by Margaret Kinnaird.