The Mpala Primary School

Mpala school kids sharing some reading.
Photo by Margaret Kinnaird

Every child has the basic right to education.

The Mpala Primary School, located on the ranch property, allows our employee's children to live at home with their parents and walk or ride our bus a short distance to school. Students are taught by private teachers who encourage free and creative thinking.

Currently, the Mpala Primary School accommodates our younger children in Grades 1 - 5. Older children are provided subsidies from our Mpala Children's Educatioin fund to attend off-site schools.

In keeping with our mission, the Mpala Primary School has an active after-school Conservation Club where children learn about their environment and the wildife with which they share their home.

Children in Need

School kids sitting at the Mpala desks.
Photo by Margaret Kinnaird

An Mpala child entering Grade 1 has only a 6% chance of graduating from high school. Once children leave Mpala Primary School and parents must begin to share responsibility for supporting their education, drop out rates become high. This is especially serious for young girls because parents tend to favor boys when funds are limited. With the Mpala Chidlren's Education Fund, we aim to change these statistics.

Your gift, in any amount helps educate our Mpala children. From paying for uniforms, school supplies, teacher salaries, or transportation and tuition off-site, financial support at every level ensures that basic education needs are met. Even the smallest amount can change a life.

Please visit our Donations page to help a child today!


Mpala school kids presenting their work (left). Mpala teachers standing outside the Mpala school building (right).
Photos by Margaret Kinnaird